ManyDogs 1: Dog-Human Social Interaction

The first ManyDogs study investigated domestic dogs’ understanding of a common human gesture, the point. Previous research shows that dogs usually follow pointing cues, but whether they do so because they are following a communicative cue from a human partner or because they feel compelled to follow the gesture as a command is still debated. To answer these questions, we implemented an approach in which the core methodological details are standardized across all participating labs, but other aspects are allowed to vary and are recorded for subsequent exploratory analyses. Some of these other aspects include dog breed, sex, and age. When collected on a small scale in a single lab it can be challenging to gather enough data to get a satisfying answer. Collectively, this multi-lab study helps us gain a better understanding of the factors that influence dog behavior.

We pre-registered our study’s method and analysis on OSF as a registered report which is now published at Animal Behavior and Cognition.

ManyDogs Project, Espinosa, J., Stevens, J.R., Alberghina, D., Alway, H.E.E., Barela, J.D., Bogese, M., Bray, E.E., Buchsbaum, D. Byosiere, S.-E., Byrne, M., Cavalli, C. M., Chaudoir, L. M., Collins-Pisano, C., DeBoer, H.J., Douglas L.E.L.C., Dror, S., Dzik, M.V., Ferguson, B., Fisher, L., Fitzpatrick, H.C., Freeman, M.S., Frinton, S.N., Glover, M.K., Gnanadesikan, G.E., Goacher, J.E.P., Golańska, M., Guran, C.-N.A., Hare, E., Hare, B. Hickey, M., Horschler, D.J., Huber, L., Jim, H.-L., Johnston, A.M., Kaminski, J. Kelly, D.M., Kuhlmeier, V.A., Lassiter, L., Lazarowski, L., Leighton-Birch, J., MacLean, E.L., Maliszewska, K., Marra, V., Montgomery, L.I., Murray, M.S., Nelson, E.K., Ostojić, L., Palermo, S.G., Parks Russell, A.E., Pelgrim, M.H., Pellowe, S.D., Reinholz, A., Rial, L.A., Richards, E.M., Ross, M.A., Rothkoff, L.G., Salomons, H., Sanger, J.K., Santos, L., Shirle, A.R., Shearer, S.J., Silver, Z.A., Silverman, J.M., Sommese, A., Srdoc, T., St. John-Mosse, H., Vega, A.C., Vékony, K., Völter, C.J., Walsh C.J., Worth, Y.A., Zipperling, L.M.I., Żołędziewska, B., & Zylberfuden, S.G. (2023). ManyDogs 1: A multi-lab replication study of dogs’ pointing comprehension. Animal Behavior & Cognition, 10(3), 232-28. doi:10.26451/abc.

ManyDogs 1 setup with woman pointing to one of two cups while looking at black dog.

ManyDogs 1 Collaborators

These research groups registered collaborators in ManyDogs 1, and the Team Captains designated at each institution were responsible for organizing ManyDogs at their site.

The ManyDogs 1 Team

Meet our team of individuals who were responsible for organizing ManyDogs 1 and moved the project forward to completion through their time and dedication.

Headshot of Mikey Bogese

Mike Bogese

Hunter College

Project Administrator

Headshot of Daphna Buchsbaum

Daphna Buchsbaum

Brown University

Project Coordinator

Headshot of Sarah-Elizabeth Byosiere with Sadie the black Labrador/Golden Retriever Cross

Sarah-Elizabeth Byosiere

Hunter College

Project Coordinator

Headshot of Julia Espinosa holding Winnie the Pembroke Welsh Corgi in a field of yellow flowers

Julia Espinosa

Harvard University

Project Coordinator, Data Team, & Website Team

Headshot of Gita Gnanadesikan

Gita Gnanadesikan

University of Arizona

Project Coordinator, Experimenter Video Team & Methods Team

Headshot of Elizabeth Hare

Elizabeth Hare

Dog Genetics LLC

Data Team

Headshot of Madeline Pelgrim with Loki the Golden Retriever

Madeline Pelgrim

Brown University

Methods Team & Experimenter Video Team

Headshot of Jeffrey Stevens with Koda the brown Catahoula leopard dog

Jeffrey Stevens

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Project Coordinator, Data Team, & Website Team